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What is a fire rake?

What is a fire rake? What is a fire rake? A fire rake isn’t like a yard rake. A fire rake has four to six sharp, serrated teeth. It is used to clear ladder fuels during wildfire mitigation. It is also used to cut line or create fire breaks during a wildfire. Most homeowners do not own a fire…

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How To Mitigate Forest Fires (per Wikipedia)

How To Mitigate Forest Fires (per Wikipedia)? How To Mitigate Forest Fires (Wikipedia)? According to Wikipedia: “One common and inexpensive technique to reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfires is controlled burning: intentionally igniting smaller less -intense fires to minimize the amount of flammable material available for a potential wildfire.” Fire mitigation means clearing fire fuels from a given area…

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What are examples of mitigation?

What Are Examples of Fire Mitigation? What Are Examples of Mitigation? Fire mitigation means clearing fire fuels from a given area to slow the spread of wildfire. Removing fire fuels helps to starve fires and makes room for first responders to work. Fire fuels include pine needles, sticks, branches and leaves. Some examples of mitigation include removing dead trees,…

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Senate Committee Passes Key Wildfire Mitigation Bill

Colorado Department of Natural Resources expressed support for legislation today which delivers on the Colorado Recovery Plan’s commitment to protect communities and create jobs, by investing $25 million in targeted wildfire risk mitigation, recovery, and workforce development. SB21-258, which passed unanimously out of the Senate Local Government committee, marks a significant one-time, strategic investment to jumpstart work on wildfire…

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Updated Guide Helps Homeowners Prepare Property for Wildfire

More than half of all Coloradans live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), where homes and other structures meet wildland vegetation, and are at some risk of being affected by wildfire. An updated guide from the Colorado State Forest Service can help these residents prepare their home and property for wildfire with practical steps and guidance. The guide informs homeowners…

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California’s Wildfire Season Is Off to an Early Start

Fire weather is coming early to California this year. For the first time since 2014, parts of Northern California are seeing a May “red flag” fire warning due to dry and windy conditions. “It’s crazy, May and a red-flag warning,” Craig Clements, San Jose State University Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center director, told The Mercury News. The warning coverage area extends from Redding…

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Fire Mitigation Information for Insurance Professionals and Homeowners

Bill regularly travels throughout Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico and many other areas sharing fire mitigation information and The Mitagator fire mitigation tool with professionals and homeowners. To schedule a demonstration and fire mitigation talk for your homeowner’s group, community fire safety councils, or professional organization, feel free to contact us. If you need a sponsor or swag for…

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Fire Mitigation Resources for Homeowners and Businesses

Fire mitigation information: Wildfire mitigation is the ground treatment of forest properties to reduce fire fuels. Mitigation reduces fire fuels on the ground that can increase heat and threaten your home during a fire. Fire mitigation steps are steps you can take to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to your property. Steps For Homeowners Remove dead and diseased…

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Firewise, FireSafe and Fire Adapted Communities

At The Mitagator LLC, we are passionate about supporting forest health and community mitigation efforts. As part of that initiative, we’ve set up a special program for local Firewise, Fire Safe and Fire Adapted organizations. Bulk discounts on five or more units are available to your local group for $70 each when you schedule a wildfire mitigation talk with…

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