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The Mitagator is NOT a rake. It is a brand-new, patent-pending tool designed specifically to clear ground fuels and debris.

Rakes clog with needles, cones, twigs, etc. and must be cleared by hand every few minutes. The Mitagator does not clog with debris – it eliminates the need to stop working every few minutes.

On average, a rake catches less than 20% of needles, twigs and cones. The Mitagator gathers 70%-90% of ground debris with the same stroke. In addition, The Mitagator can be used to remove rocks, garbage and large branches from the ground AND move the piles to your bin, bag or central gathering location.

NO! The Mitagator removes dead plants and duff without harming living plants. Plus, it aerates the soil at the same time.

Yes, you will be SHOCKED at the volume of needles you’ll gather the first time you use The Mitagator. Here are just a few of the things you can do with the needles:

  • Compost them!
  • Place them in deep ravines to slow water run-off. They will feed the soil and help feed moisture into traditionally dry areas.
  • Many counties in fire-prone areas sponsor free slash disposal during fire season.
  • Haul them to your local green waste disposal/composting program.
  • Did you know pine needles can be baled and used for the same things straw bales are use for? YUP!
  • Needles make great winter mulch for your garden.
  • (Our favorite!) Use them to create berms around your trees at the edge of the limb spread to eliminate run-off and keep the ground around the tree watered.

We aren’t removing all the compost material (needles, cones, etc.), we’re simply lessening it. To mitigate means to lessen. The Mitagator removes the build-up of ground fuels while leaving enough plant matter to feed the soil. When years of thick, dry fuel build-up are removed it allows moisture to get into the soil. That creates a less dry environment. The moisture encourages new growth of native grasses and wildflowers, and the compost material left behind continues to break down to feed the plant life.

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