What is a fire rake?

What is a fire rake?

what is a fire rake

The Mitagator Fire Tool works better than a fire rake

What is a fire rake? A fire rake isn’t like a yard rake. A fire rake has four to six sharp, serrated teeth. It is used to clear ladder fuels during wildfire mitigation. It is also used to cut line or create fire breaks during a wildfire.

Most homeowners do not own a fire rake, but they start researching them when they want to mitigate their forest properties against wildfires. The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Tool is a better choice for property owners because it is a lightweight, multi-purpose mitigation and property maintenance tool.

Fire mitigation means clearing fire fuels from a given area to slow the spread of wildfire. Removing fire fuels helps to starve fires and makes room for first responders to work. Fire fuels include pine needles, sticks, branches and leaves.

Some examples of mitigation include removing dead trees, removing ladder fuels that can spread the fire faster, and removing flammables such as fire wood, lumber and other flammable debris from the perimeter of your home.

Examples of How To Use a Fire Rake To Mitigate Forest Fires

  • Remove dead and diseased trees
  • Prune tree branches to no more than 1/3 of the tree height or ten feet above the ground
  • Remove pine needles, leaves, and other ground fuels with The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Tool
  • Dispose of all thinned slash and debris
  • Keep grass/weeds mowed to 4″ maximum
  • Store firewood away from the home
  • Clean roof and gutters of leaves and other debris

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    Get The Mitagator

    The Mitagator™ Fire Mitigation Tool is unlike any other property maintenance tool on the market. It is better than a fire rake. We also have fire rake mitigation information. It’s more powerful than a fire rake, hoe, pitchfork or McLeod. It clears ground fuels down to the dirt for fire mitigation colorado and fire mitigation california. It removes 80% of needles, leaves, twigs and other fine ground debris. But it’s strong enough to quickly pile and move large branches for mitigation measures for forest fires too. It is the best tool, McLeod or fire rake tool you can buy for eamples of mitigation steps for wildfires.

    Are there other examples of what is a fire rake?

    No other examples of what is a fire rake work as well to take mitigation measures for forest fires or mitigation steps for wildfires. If you are doing fire mitigation in california or fire mitigation in colorado this is the only tool you need. The Mitagator is better than a rake, a rake misses 50%-80% of needles, cones and other small litter on the first pass – you have to rake the same area over and over to really clear the ground. Large areas can be cleaned better than a pine needle rake in minutes instead of hours. Clearing years of pine needles from the ground for wildfire mitigation allows more moisture into the soil and encourages new, green grass growth. With The Mitagator, you’re not only lowering the risk of wildfire spread through ground fuels, you’re bringing new life to the land.

    What other examples of fire rakes do you have?

    The Mitagator does more than clear fire fuels – it’s also the most versatile lawn and garden tool on the market. The Mitagator will save you hours of work prepping your garden beds and adding soil amendments – and you’ll aerate the ground without wildfire dangers at the same time.

    The Mitagator fire mitigation tool makes quick work of difficult tasks better than a pine needle or dethatching/thatching rake like removing rocks, weeds and dead plants. With The Mitagator, you can quickly clean up pine needles, pine cones, weed cuttings and remove matted debris under grass and ground covers and aerate the soil at the same time.

    The Mitagator is perfect for cleaning along waterways better than a pond rake, too. You can clean garbage, weed and other debris in minutes – clean waterways promote a healthy ecosystem and happy wildlife.

    The Mitagator removes dead leaves and other hard to reach build up under and behind shrubs, bushes and other plants better than a fire rake – the dead stuff comes out without harming your live vegetation. It works better than a lawn rake.